Finding the Best Online Casino Game with the Highest Profits

Online Casino

For people who have only recently discovered the beauty of online casinos, the first question that will usually come to mind is what game they should be playing if they were to play in these virtual gambling settings. If your goal is more than just to have fun but to actually take home some cash, you’d definitely want to find out which games offer the highest profits.

There’s really no definitive answer when it comes to which games will offer the best profits. The reason for this is that online casinos are known for constantly changing their games. A game that used to offer the highest profits now may no longer offer the same the next day due to certain changes in the website’s gambling policies.


A popular online casinos game, Blackjack is known for the many variants it offers so, it is difficult to really give it the title of being the most profitable online casino game. Among its many variants include Spanish 21, Pontoon, rescue, surrender and many others. In Asia, another variant of the game, the Chinese Blackjack, is also a very popular game among online gamblers.

Slot machines

Another online gambler favorite is online slot machines. Payouts can be between 70%-99%. Most online casinos will never offer a payout that is anything lower than 95%, making it one of the games with the highest profits. Just make sure that before playing the game, you find out what the online casino’s percentage payouts are. This isn’t usually easily obtainable information over the web and you’ll need to be a registered player in an online casino for these details to be available for you. So, take note of the figures involved before playing the game.

It’s this very nature of slots where payouts are never advertised that makes it a challenge for players to choose slots whenever they decide to play. There are progressive slots, however, they are not really known for paying much. The reason for this is that the casino must first build funds that will then be used for the game’s end bonus. But if you do have luck on your side and you hit jackpot while playing this game, possible end bonus could range from $10,000 – $1,000,000 or even more.


Another one of those games that aren’t what you think it is, it has a bet called “pass line” that lets a new shooter win as long as he rolls 11 or 7. However, rolling a 3, 12, or 2 will cause him to lose. The game is known for its even payoff which gives the house a 1.41% edge. The best for single rolls are just unbelievable though in terms of the house edge. The bets will pay a ratio of 4:1 and it also gives the house a ridiculously high 16% edge.


There are currently two versions of this game of wheel online. European roulette offers 37 slots with only one 0. American roulette has an additional slot or 00, which brings the total to 38 slots. When it comes to the house edge, European roulette has 2.7% while the American table has a 5.26% house advantage. Based on this, it would be easier to make a choice as you will clearly have better profits when you go for the European table. Still, roulette offers some of the lowest winning probability so, remember that before making a choice.

Constant rule changes

Many online casinos regularly change their rules. Oftentimes, they do so to pave way for new game variants. Unfortunately, these changes are often made to improve the overall edge of the house over the players. Most of the time, online casinos have them worded cleverly so players will not suspect otherwise. This is why it helps to do your research before choosing an online game to play.