Online Casino Slots— Important Things to Know

Casino Slots

Playing slots at an online casino means relying on a computer program to guarantee that the results generated are as random as possible. Known as the random number generator, the RNG is responsible for the seemingly random results that get generated whenever you try to play any online game.

However, there seems to be a myth floating around among online gamblers that slot machines are run on a certain cycle which should make it possible for players to predict when it is about to dish out a jackpot. This isn’t true at all and if you ever encounter somebody who espouses this idea via a system that is supposed to figure out how you can hit more jackpots at online slots, there’s a very good chance that they are just pulling your leg or worse, trying to scam you.

Online slot machines are equipped with microprocessors that are responsible for running programs that are tasked to generate certain numbers that correspond to the various symbols present in every reel. The program runs constantly, as it is powered at all times. It is also designed in a way that every millisecond, new random numbers are generated. These numbers then get translated into specific numbers that represent the various symbol combinations on the reels. The RNG is the sole determinant of the outcome of any spin.


To ensure that the software is indeed fair and not biased when generating numbers, auditing agencies perform regular audits on the RNG. This guarantees that the mathematical formula or algorithm that the program is based on is indeed working the way it is expected to. This is also to reassure online players that these gambling websites are not cheating them.

To understand how RNGs work, in reel-type online slots, every reel has a total of 22 stops. For a machine with three reels, that’s 22 multiplied by 22 multiplied by 22. Overall, there are a total of 10, 648 combinations in that single machine alone. This means that the chances of you scoring a win when playing on that machine is 1 in every 10, 648. It’s also important to note that the spins that the machine has done will not have any bearing over the spins that it will still yet to make. This is why there is no assurance that a jackpot can be hit after the machine has made a total of 10,648 spins. In slots, there is no such thing as a cycle of losing or winning.

What the RNG does is select the number combinations at a rate of one thousand combinations per second. This means that your spin can never be timed to specifically select anything. What it does is just select random numbers that are based on another random combination that is also made up of random numbers. This is also why slots are always considered games of chance.

This randomness is crucial for any online casino to keep operating. This is why independent analysts randomly perform audits and checks on casino software to uphold fairness at all times.

When playing online slots, it’s worth noting that virtual gambling operators offer better payout percentages than real-life casinos. This is mainly attributed to the lower overhead that online gambling websites need. Many of these online casinos will offer great bonuses too, which allows players to try out their slots games without the risk of losing their own money in the process. Attractive payouts, big bonuses, and fair results via the RNG have made online slots quite a very popular game among many online gamblers today.