Strategies to Master when Playing Online Slots


If you intend to win at online casino slots, you’ll need to start by identifying the right slot machine. Just like how not every player has the same skill set, gambling experience, and abilities, not every slot machine is the same as well. Most beginners in the virtual gambling scene do not realize these differences. Many also don’t know how to place their bets right to ensure that their winnings are as maximized as possible.

In online slots, online casinos will only likely to reward the highest payouts when all the coins for the bets have been maximized. This is why when playing at a slot machine that allows for different denominations of coins to be used, it is a better strategy to put in the maximum allowed small coins as opposed to putting a few pieces of larger coins. For instance, if you’re on a machine that is designed to accept a total of 5 coins, instead of playing using a quarter, putting in 5 nickels will be a better strategy. This will get you that maximum payout if you do win. Remember this, especially for progressive slot machines. These machines are known to reward lower payouts except when the jackpot gets hit. However, they have been observed to pay the jackpot after players maximize the number of coins allowed when playing.

If your goal is to get the same percentage on payouts regardless of the number of coins you use to play, it is best to look for a multiplier machine. This type of slot machine is designed to pay out certain numbers of coins for specific symbols. This then gets multiplied with how many coins you used for the bet. For instance, if hitting three cherries will get you 10 coins for a single coin bet, a bet consisting of 5 coins would get your 50 coins as a reward. The best thing about these slot machines is that players won’t get any penalty if they choose not to play whatever the maximum coin bet is. This machine doesn’t offer huge jackpots though. But if what you’re looking for is a machine that will let you maximize your playing time for your money, this machine is perfect.


Another type of slot machine is the bonus multiplier. This is quite similar to multiplier machines but differs in terms of the highest payouts. The bonus multipliers reward jackpots when players choose to play the maximum allowed coin numbers and the jackpot gets hit. For instance, 1000 coins may be paid by the machine if the top symbols get hit for 1 coin, pay 2000 coins if you hit the 2-coin symbol, and if the maximum coin bet is 3 and you hit it, then the machine might pay 10000 coins.

The multiple pay line machine is another type that can be found when playing slots. It usually pays out the moment the symbols get to the center line and usually pays out on various lines. For instance, a machine can have a configuration of nine pay lines but other machines could have up to 96 pay lines. Players can choose to pay more than just a single line. More coins added to the bet means more lines get activated up to until you’ve reached whatever maximum limit the machine has.

If you’re looking for the machine which pays the highest, then go for progressive ones. These types of machines are known to build up a jackpot by taking a little percentage of every play. If you play the maximum allowable coins for the machine and you hit a jackpot, you’ll take home the entire pool. Pools for progressive machines can easily go over a million dollars. Some casinos may even choose to have several machines grouped to further increase the pool.