Trying Your Odds with Online Craps


Games of chances always been popular even in ancient times. These days where the gambling industry has considerably flourished, more and more people are hooked on these games not only for how fun they are to play but also for the chance they provide players to earn some big money if they get lucky. One such exciting game is craps. Considering how popular it has become in present times, it makes sense to take a look at its rather interesting history.

The first dice was said to be crafted from animal bones, wood or ivory. There was a time when Roman soldiers used to throw the nails of pigs when playing a game called Bones some thousands of years ago. Many historians believe that this could be where craps started, which later on developed into the game that it is now known to the rest of the world today.

A game that is very similar to Bones was adopted in the Middle East. The Arabs used to throw bones replicating the game that the ancient Romans used to play. The small cubes used in the game were called “azzahr”. In the middle Ages, as a result of people moving across Europe, the game crossed the Mediterranean where it was renamed as “hazard” or “risk” by the French. When the endless wars that England and France fought from the 13th -1rth century happened, the game got transported by the English cavaliers to their mother country to be known as the game of opportunity.

When the game arrived in Britain, some of its minor portions began to be referred to as Crabs. Thanks to the constant evolution of language over the years, this got distorted to now become the ever so popular Craps.

Today, it is one of the most popular casino games among gamblers all over the world.  In some of the most esteemed casinos across the globe, the craps table is usually one of those settings that is constantly surrounded by gamblers at all times.

Over the years, the game has continued to change and develop. This has lent to the complexity that the game is now known for— something that other established gambling games aren’t very known for. It is, perhaps, this characteristic of the game that has allowed it to remain as popular as it is today. With online casinos arriving on the scene, it’s no wonder to see that craps is still one of the top-played games in the virtual gambling scene.

What’s good with the online version of this game is that it becomes more convenient for people to play it any time of the day or anywhere they are. Most online gambling websites will have a free version of the game. So, once a player signs up, he can start playing the game and practicing it without any need to bet real money. This gives players the opportunity to improve their Craps skills without risking any of their money in the process. This way, when they are ready to start making real money bets, they’d have a much better chance of actually winning.